Getting started

Connect your remote repository to Gitloc

To start automation the translation process you should connect the remote repository to the Gitloc.

  • Open platform and sign in

  • Choose or create a team to work with

  • Click the button "Add repository" and follow the instructions

Configure gitloc.yaml for your repository

All you need to configure automatic translations is to add gitloc.yaml in the root folder of your repository.

    defaultLocale: en
        - en
        - de
        - public/locales

All available configuration options are described in the gitloc.yaml Reference.

Push changes and pull translations

Commit and push all changes into the remote repository.

$ git commit -m "Initial commit"
$ git push origin main

Gitloc automatically detects changes in your repository and translate new or modified values. As a result the translations will be committed to the base branch or Gitloc will create a new pull request to review.

At the end you only have to pull translations to your local repository.

$ git pull origin main

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